“How can I get my baby to sleep longer?” It’s perhaps the biggest problem confounding many sleep-deprived parents. For years, parents have tried to solve the answer to this age-old conundrum, experimenting with everything from bedtime bottles and sleepy-time scents to cozy sleep positioners and expensive swings. But, over time, many of these solutions have proven ineffective, ill-advised and even unsafe for extended overnight use. According to the golden rule of bedtime advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should lay their newborns face up in a bare crib or bassinet with nothing other than a snuggly-fitted top sheet.


So how else can you and your little dreamer get the rest you desperately deserve all while resting assured your baby is sleeping safely in comfort? The answer may be quite simple: don’t recreate the wheel, recreate the womb.


With bed sheets being the only recommended crib accessory, PillowSheets is the perfect answer to a good night’s sleep for EVERYBODY—parents and baby. Pillow Sheets were designed to cradle your baby in a snug embrace, mimicking the womb environment. Our polyfill pillows are stitched securely in place on our bed sheets, providing comfort and gentle head elevation. The polyfill pillows are strategically positioned to mimic a womb-like enclosure; and they are reinforced with double stitching to ensure the filling won’t shift even after a lifetime of use.


PillowSheets are made with breathable, 100 percent natural cotton. Our polyester fiber filling is hypoallergenic (No Down) and is made to maintain its shape through years of wash and dry cycles. Our deep crib sheet pockets are designed to fit securely to any traditional crib mattress. With a sturdy elastic band (more than 40 percent thicker than the average crib sheet), our sheets provide more no-slip security for even the most active young sleepers!



As the owner of a daycare, Nadia Galloway knows all too well about the sleep concerns facing young children. To protect the babies and children in her care, Galloway had to always stay on top of the latest regulations and advisories on child and infant safety. And as a mother to two young ones herself, she personally knew the challenges many parents encountered at bedtime.


Suddenly, while surveying the infant nursery at her daycare, it dawned on her. Why not secure the pillow inside the crib sheet, she wondered. The pillow filling provided head elevation, womb-like security and comfort that the babies at her daycare seemed to gravitate toward, but the filling was firmly stitched in place to answer to the concerns of mid-sleep shifting.


She set out to do further research on the topic, investigating sleep aids, techniques and infant sleep safety studies. Armed with this knowledge, she took her PillowSheets from concept to conception. And after months of testing and several happy parent testimonials, she knew she had something special—something that dreams were made of and quite literally made on!

Are you ready to start dreaming?